Business Security Checklist

  • Do all exterior doors have deadlocks?

  • Are door closers fitted to self-locking doors?

  • Are your keys protected against unauthorised copying?

  • Was the building re-keyed after the last tenant, owner or the construction company?

  • Do you know how many keys have been issued for the premises and who has access?

  • Do you know which keys operate each lock?

  • Do you operate a master-key system to restrict access to certain users while allowing complete access to authorised users; security, fire etc?

  • Do you operate a "key register"?

  • Are spare keys locked away securely?

  • Are all external areas visible and well lit at night?

  • Do you have a quality monitored alarm?

  • Do any roller doors have locks fitted to prevent the door being pulled out?

  • Are money, valuables & important papers secured in a quality commercial safe?

  • Are backup tapes, computer disks, DVDs etc secured in a Data Safe?

  • Are deposit safes used so staff can deposit money without having access to the safe?

  • Is your safe regularly left open because of the hassle of dialling the combination?

  • Do staff have secure storage facilities for their personal possessions, handbags etc?